Miles Talbott is a family owned and operated custom built upholstery company. Miles Talbott’s mission is to design, build, and deliver affordable top quality furniture from our family to yours.

Ask yourself what makes the difference between a house and a home? We bet your answer is something like a family, their possessions, and their furniture. Now ask yourself what makes the difference between a home and a haven? Let us tell you our vision. A haven is where you find all of the things that make you who you are – an individual. It’s where you find your favorite possessions, the people that you love, and the furniture that you love. Our furniture is built to embody you, your personal style, and your family. Not furniture for your generation, your parents or your neighbors.

At Miles Talbott helping you express your personal style through top quality furniture is our passion. We consider every Miles Talbott customer a part of our Family and we build each piece as if it were going into our own homes.
• B. Smith Home

• Joe Ruggiero Collections

• Shabby Chic Collection

• Washable Wonders

• Leather Rattan 1100

• Options 2000

• Urban Options 6000

• Options Origins Collection