It’s the Little Things

These mini topiaries from Napa Home and Garden are big on charm! $9 each



Barns are Back

We have been hanging new art! We have several landscapes of barns as well as other newcomers! The barn prints are so peaceful and they are just abstract enough to work in just about any decor.


If you’re a bird, I’m a bird

Sweet little birds made of cement are preferred by a few folks over the sweet little birds who make messes on your cement.
Creative Co•op $6-9


These are not your typical bird ornaments. Minimally carved to preserve the natural feel and beauty of the weathered wood. The stone on which the bird is perched upon only adds to the organic feel.

These are similar to the previous birds, with a more refined look. Sleek and black painted on top of a rounded and smooth rock.


Peek-a-boo, Sugarboo!

The round shape of this mirror helps break up all the hard lines of your furniture. The woven sea grass frame adds just enough texture and movement to keep it simple yet interesting.


Mirrors are not just for the vain

A mirror can make a big impact without competing with artwork, fabrics and other pieces in your space. The frame and shape of the mirror instead, compliments the aesthetic. They are a great/easy/appealing way to make a space feel larger. A strategically placed mirror can also add light and the reflection of a favorable view.
So then it becomes a decision of shape, size and materials or texture. Stop by and see some off the different options we have for your home.


The quatrefoil shape of this magnificent mirror adds an elegance to the rustic feel of the rope framed mirror. Some may say it’s ‘farmhouse chic’, but I tend to hesitate from branding pieces as this or that. Because one piece does not a room make. It’s a collaborative effort. A collective teaming of color, shapes and textures all working together as an artful conception.
So you can put this in your farmhouse or make it work in your cottage up north or even in your renovated traditional home.