This ‘n’ That

Or maybe your shelving or tabletop needs just a little something to make it all work. We just got in some great frames and metal sculptures to add that little bit of what you need.

Standout Vases

Maybe you have a spot that needs a little extra attention.  One of these delicate ceramic laced vases may be able to do just that.  Paired with varying sizes or alone, these will be standouts in any space.

Mix Those Metals

Mastering the art of mixing metals on your wrist and around your neck is much like in your home.  Keeping the colors neutral lets the slim antique brass trim on the lamp with the silver leaf dishes shine brightly.

Gold and Black

Maybe you have been traumatized by the old flare of shiny gold fixtures and hardware… be afraid no longer!   The black trim, paired with the deep gold floral of this pillow, gives it a modern feel.

Gold-The ‘It’ Metal

These frames just arrived from Tozai.  Cowhide with splashes of gold leaf is such a fun and unexpected combination.

The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch  
Adding a bit of gold to your design for some unexpected contrast is always welcomed.  Trimmed with antique gold and a glass etched number, these amazing display boxes fit the bill nicely.  

Your Inner Girl

Pretty in PinkWhy not rebel against summer’s end? You can’t help but smile at these cheery prints and soft pink tones.  Your inner girl will surely thank you.


Star Pupil

Oh My Stars! We think of all our visitors as our star pupil.  Here’s your gold trimmed gun-metal star to show it!  Place it somewhere everyone sees-nothing like a quiet reminder of where you stand!


Number One!

Ok, maybe we are pushing it and this pillow technically doesn’t count (no pun intended) as a school supply, but sure is a good start-pun intended!

Globe Trotter

The rich matte finish of this slate globe is complimented so well with the beautiful natural wood of the pedestal.  With a blank canvas you could outline your favorite destinations, maybe an upcoming adventure or maybe even a sweet message or memorable quote.